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No more library (lie-berry) study dates,
No more dropping by Riverbend to pick up cards but actually going to visit her,
No more random visits,
No more driving her home,
No more her on my bed,
No more visiting her downtown,
No more favours,
No more for months, 
No more looking around for the back of her head during mass,
No more 2 second awkward exchanges after mass,
No more not crying,

Nothing is helping,
Not dancing, not hobbies, not even writing-

Just hold me close, my darling.

You put a smile on my face that would put all other forms of happiness to shame, disgrace, tie myself to you by an unbreakable lace made from time and space and all things good. Understood? You and I could be something that would be what a perfect pair should be, you should see what I see. A collection of different sections put together in harmony: perfection. Affection is the detection of the first stage of love, this stage isn’t staged. It’s not phased- I’m just amazed.

You can’t just ask me to write more,
No matter what I say, somebody will tell me why my grammar is incorrect,
You can’t please the Internet,
Just as the Internet cannot please you,
Not unless you conquer the Internet, 
But only two people have done that,
And they do not share secrets,
They share codes,
Codes that no one will understand,
Bland, like water, I wish we could walk hand in hand,
But man, oh man, there’s can and there’s can’t,
And right now, as I pant and try to catch my breath,
There’s one thing between me and death,


as seen on Daily Chinese Beauties